Street Dance Masterclass with Andy Instone!

Razz Carlisle was visited by founder of ‘Urban Strides’ street dance crew and UKs leading street dance expert Andy Instone.  He delivered a full days workshop with the kids at Razz Carlisle!

Andy, who specializes in educating, choreographing and performing breaking, hip hop, house, locking and popping, is not only a multi award winning worldwide champion, but he has also worked with international stars such as Dizzie Rascal, Sean Paul and Alexandra Burke to name but a few.

Andy has been an active educator of authentic Street dance styles and is committed to ensure the right knowledge, essence, beauty and philosophy of Street Dance and hip Hop culture is passed on to those who need it most and the standard of education and professionalism is as high as possible. Andy’s Crew Urban strides has had the privilege of making history twice the 1st in 2005 when Urban Strides were the first authentic Street Dance crew to perform in the opening of the Royal Variety Performance in the presence of Her majesty the Queen. The 2nd in 2010 when Andy created the world’s first accredited authentic Street Dance teacher training qualification.

The students who took part in the workshop learned all about lockin, poppin, and breakin and put their new skills into action with a performance for friends and family.  Thank you Andy for an amazing day!!

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